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Adventures in Camping with Five Kids

Camping with kids is like pitching a tent upside down. Both are bound to fill with laughter and raindrops.

--Victoria Marie Lees

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Filling the Heart with Memories

Our children at the Pocono House
Although we never camped outside in the wintertime, we would take the family to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania seeking snow.  Usually we’d leave December 27th for a short respite after the Christmas rush.  We rented a small home and needed our camping skills to make it work.  

            Sleeping bags for the children tucked into a loft.  Sharing food preparation and clean-up.  Yes.  It takes longer, but how else can Mom find a break.  Hide and go seek with a flashlight at night.  Star gazing in a crystal clear night sky.  Snow gear and sleds crammed into the van, tobogganing and sledding down the local hill.  Ice skating and sliding on the frozen lake.  Check to see how long temperatures have been below freezing before venturing out on a lake.  Also check for cracks on the ice surface.  

Yes, we hiked in the wintertime, snow covering the mountainside of Hickory Run StatePark, ice coating the tree branches, icicles clinging to waterfalls.  Keeping feet dry is a must when hiking in winter.  Snow/ski pants, thick socks, and waterproof boots are not just for skiing.  When hiking in winter use layers of clothing and wear a hat.  We lose most of our heat through exposed heads.  Gloves are a great idea, too.  

For just a few days, we had no computers or cell phone checking.  It’s a good idea to attempt this kind of break at some time.  A chance to rediscover what it means to actually be a family.  

Merry Christmas to everyone.  May you all have a healthy and happy 2014.